TV SHOWS – 5 Reasons to watch Westworld

Westworld is a tv show from USA conceived by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, based on the homonym 1973 movie written and directed by Michael Crichton. Nolan directed the pilot episode and he figures as executive producer together with Lisa Joy and J.J. Abrams.

The show debuted in the USA in October 2016 on the HBO channel.

Described as “a dark odissey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and about the future of the sin”, the show is about a futuristic theme park called Westworld.

The HBO also renewed the show for a second season. (Hurray!)

SO! Have you ever watched Westworld? If you haven’t, it’s time now to repair and I’ll tell you why.

Here you are 5 good reasons:

  • 1. THE SOUNDTRACK;    that’s always the first thing the spectator is faced to when he starts a new show: if there is a good start, all the rest is a bit more interesting. From Radiohead to Animals, from Amy Winehouse to Rolling Stones, Ramin Djawadi’s piano arrangements variety will give you chills of pleasure.

Here the link to the full Soundtrack on Spotify:

  • 2. THE PLOT;    of course this is one of the most important points. Mysterious, twisted, ruthless, but deep and intimate too, the story has several psychological developments. It’s a real journey through human being’s mind.


  • 3. ICONIC QUOTES;    like every respectful TV show, if you don’t give spectators what they want, you just fail. Well, Westworld gave me everything I wanted with quotes such as “Die well”: so tiny and so majestic. Shakespeare’s quotes are also very used, until becoming almost the nucleus of the story.


  • 4. SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS;    aka the best worst enemy since he was born. Hopkins reveals himself again as one of the meanest people in the fake world of movies. The psycho-genious from the “Silence of the Lambs” strikes back. Anyway, his interpretation is brilliant as usual.




  • 5. THE SMOOTHNESS;    even if the topics are kind of delicate and deep, this has no effects on the smoothness of the show. Basically, it consists of ten episodes of about 50 minutes each, but they literally fly away while watching.


In a few words, Westworld is a great show which has a lot of potentialities; let’s just see if they will exploit it to make a second season up to the first one. See you in 2018, dear Westworld!






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